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Measles information 2015
Dr. Rydland has had many of his patients ask about the current measles epidemic. This is his information.
Dr Rydland's Patient Information on Vaccines
Vaccines or immunizations are the most controversial subject in contemporary pediatric care. The notes from Dr. Rydland‘s slide presentation on vaccines may help you to sort out information important to make your decision. Another recommended web site for mostly balanced information on vaccines is
Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World
There is an ever-increasing rate of chronic illness. Our environment, diet and lifestyle is deteriorating rapidly. What can parents do to reverse this trend? See how you can raise healthy kids in our unhealthy world.
Dr. Rydland's Dietary Recommendations
This exerpt from Dr. Rydland's upcoming book explains important considerations for feeding children of all ages.
Potential Benefits of Probiotics for Immune Disorders
Emerging research has expanded information regarding the health benefits of probiotics. Probiotic, also known as "friendly" or "healthy" bacteria are essential for a healthy immune system.
Fever: a Common Problem for Children
Nearly all children will experience a fever from time to time. This article explains what fever is, when it is a problem and what to do about it.
Water's Importance in the Diet
People who drink regular, adequate amounts of water tend to eat less and make healthier dietary choices than those who drink less healthful liquids.
Whole Grains Fight Disease
Whole grains should be part of everyone's diet. Preferably organic and used in their natural state. Freshly ground whole grains in prepared foods are also healthy additions to your daily routine. Although this research applies specifically to adults, Dr. Rydland recommends consumption of whole grains instead of white and processed grain products and flour to prevent disease.
Infantile Colic: Natural Treatments
Colic is a common and frustrating condition for families and physicians. Here we copy Dr. Rydland's chapter on natural remedies for your baby's colic.
Vaccines, a Safer Way
There is literallly no other more contraversial subject in children‘s medical care today than that of vaccines and vaccine safety. Dr. Rydland recommends you read this article as part of your vaccine education and decision.
Vitamins May Aid in Weight Loss
Nutritional deficiencies abound today. A potential cause of the rapidly rising rate of obesity today is vitamin deficiency.
Influenza Prevention and Treatment Recommendations
Want to use a natural approach to prevention of the "Flu"? Want to avoid giving your child the flu shot? Dr. Rydland discusses what he recommends for his patients during the flu season.
Opt for Organic Products
Is organic better, worth the money? Read on...
Acupuncture May Help Heartburn
A small sample of patients treated by stimulation of acupoint indicates that treatment may be valuable in managing this common condition. Since colic may be related to acid reflux this may also benefit affected newborns.
Alternative Treatment Methods for Arthritis
Try these techniques for your arthritis instead of potentially harmful medication or to reduce the medicines that you are taking.
Tea an Excellent Antioxidant
You may wish to add tea to your menu for healthy antioxidants
Ear Infections in Children
Antibiotics and surgery are most commonly recommended for children with ear infections. This article, written by Dr. Rydland for his patients, will help you to deal with this common problem naturally, usually without antibiotics, and to avoid most recommended ear surgery (e.g. "ear tubes")
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