Dr. Rydland's Adult & Childrens Detox/Skin Formula

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Dr. Rydland's  Adult & Childrens Detox/Skin Formula

This herbal combination is used to support the liver and other organs that normally detoxify harmful chemicals either produced by or allowed into the body.

It is useful for toxic conditions including most skin conditions.

This combination of herbs can be used along with almost every medication taken by mouth and will not interfere with any cream or ointment used on the skin.


All-natural proprietary blend of certified organic milk thistle seeds, certified organic burdock root, wild-crafted eyebright herb, certified organic red clover blossoms, certified organic dandelion root, wild-crafted cleavers leaf, certified organic nettles leaf, wild-crafted buchu root, wild-crafted red raspberry leaves in a base of palm glycerin

Suggested Use:

Once daily for one week, then twice daily the second week and then three times daily. Dr. Rydland usually recommends his patients take the formula for anywhere between three to six months.

Does Not Contain:

Sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, citrus or common allergens, gluten, casein, GMO (genetically modified organisms)

kidsWellness herbal formulas are developed by a pediatrician through 24 years of working with thousands of children in his practice. They are easy to give as the number of drops by weight for each dose are clearly marked on the bottle and are effective for both children and adults. The formulas contain just the right ratio and combination of herbs found effective for the related health concern. To prepare the formula each herb is carefully extracted from only the best part of the herb with food grade alcohol in order to retain the highest potency and to remain in solution and not separate. Once combined, the alcohol is slowly evaporated under carefully controlled conditions in order for the herbs to retain their full potency. Vegetable glycerin is added in order to sweeten them and make them palatable for children to take without complaint. They are then packaged in dark glass containers to retain their potency on their way to you. We realize that this is a time consuming process that is more expensive than others but we believe this is important to deliver the best quality product available.